eNewsletter 8th December 2015

Following the Sign!

At that first Christmas the wise men followed the sign! They set out and travelled to Bethlehem to see the promised Saviour. Our task as Christians in the workplace is similar! It is to see the sign, to heed the call, to follow Him, and reflect Him in the workplace.
Mustard plantThe Christmas and new year period is a time to reflect upon the past year and to think ahead to the year that's coming. Jeff Steady's latest blog 'Why Christian Workplace Groups' explains why CWGs are so necessary, what they can achieve and how they can be so powerful in expressing God at our workplace. Have a read, see if your CWG is living up to all that it can be in the context of your workplace, and if there isn't a CWG at your workplace - could it be that God is calling you to start one? CWGs can be as the mustard plant (in the picture to the left) in having impact well out of proportion to their size!
Bristol Oct 15 workshopRos had a great time in Bristol recently meeting a number of Christian workplace organisations and beginning to work with our new Bristol ambassador Bernadette Sam-King ChristmasWhat is your group doing for Christmas? Please do write a few words, with a picture or two, and let us know - so that we can pass it on and inspire others
FirefightersHow can we all bless workers who will be at work over Christmas? This from the leaders of Firefighters for Christ on how we can encourage those giving service over the festive period. Pam Walton GentooRead about the beginnings of the Christian Workplace Group at the Gentoo social enterprise in Sunderland - 2 years old this month - in an organisation genuinely committed to diversity
Funding leaflet 3x2A leaflet we have prepared which tells briefly of what we do - and how you can help us help Christians at work - by giving of your time or by making a financial donation to TWUK newspaperisolated 3x2All the latest news of what's going on at the workplace is brought together on this page of our website, so catch up here on reports that we are able to share of what CWGs are doing
Upcoming TWUK Events

finger-769300640The next 6-monthly meeting of Christian Professional and Sector group leaders in London on 18th January - featuring input from redPepper marketing on how to market your CPSG

Audience at conferenceA workshop with Ros on how to grow an effective CWG, in Rugby, on the evening of 26th January 2016. Sign up for both of these events on the linked webpages.
We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Be blessed as you work and as you rest!


Trevor Payne
The Transform Work UK Team