December 2015 

1. Please pray for pharmacists working in academia as they respond to the recent government green paper regarding proposed changes in higher education. Pray for wisdom as they respond to rapidly changing targets and priorities in higher education generally, and how these relate to educating future pharmacists.

2. Please pray for pharmacy students at this potentially difficult point in the year, with pressures of studying and being away from home causing them to feel unsettled and potentially stressed.

3. With the current climate of pharmacist oversupply in all sectors, pray that Christian pharmacists would still feel empowered to take a stand for ethical issues they feel strongly about eg EHC without fear of losing work, especially for those relying on locuming in community pharmacy. Please pray for continuity of jobs for locums and that they will receive reasonable pay for what they do.

4. Many pharmaceutical companies are going through restructuring at the moment. Please pray for those whose jobs are at risk.  Also pray for Christian brothers and sisters to demonstrate and be able to share God's peace in the midst of anxious situations.  Some of the people losing their jobs have been leaders in Christian Fellowships within their companies.  Ask God to raise up others to take their place so that the Christian witness is maintained.  

5. Another aspect of the restructuring is a sharpening of focus on certain therapeutic areas for continued research.  Please pray that senior managers will maintain focus on patient benefit when making those decisions.

6. Several companies have quite strong research activity in the area of neglected diseases (particularly neglected tropical diseases).  Please pray for success in their research efforts so that affordable and effective treatments are discovered and commercialised.  Please pray also for strategies to overcome the so called 'last mile' issue.  This is the problem of getting medicines from health centres in less developed countries to sufferers in rural settings and the problem of overcoming suspicion and local cultures that can act as a barrier to patients taking the medicine in a consistent way (if at all).  The church has a potentially big role to play in helping to bridge that last mile.

7. Please pray for all Christians working in the pharmaceutical world that they will have great opportunities to talk about their faith during this Christmas season. Pray that Christmas events in workplaces such as carol services will go well and offer hope to non-believers.

8. Please continue to pray for the CiP leadership team as we plan for events in 2016 and to expand the network that we are. Also, let’s all thank God for what has been done this year – holding two events in London, increased membership and support.