Excited to See what the Lord has Planned for Bristol’s workers! 

Bristol Oct 15 workshop

A super time was had in sunny Brizzol… as I (Ros) heard it called by more than one Bristolian whilst I was there back in October.  
On a colourful autumnal day I jumped on an 8am train to Bristol, via London and Reading and just thanked God for our amazing ambassadors in those strategic cities where they are bringing together leaders of Christian Workplace Groups for encouragement and support.   
"Father", I prayed – "it would be amazing if I left Bristol having set up another ambassador team to forward the work you’ve got planned through CWGs in another key UK city…."
Indeed, catching the 8:30pm train back I was thanking God for a fun, fruitful day, meeting His people already passionate about workplaces and already hearing from Him and following his plan… AND YES… for the emerging new TWUK ambassador team in Bristol.
So I’m thrilled to introduce you to Bernadette Sam-King who is a HR professional with a special interest in Diversity, Equality and Inclusion.  Perfect!  TWUK first met Bernadette at a Bristol-wide event in 2012 where Hugh, Trevor and I were running a seminar on ‘Growing Effective Christian Workplace Groups’.  Since that event Bernadette caught the vision of Transform Work UK and is now thrilled to be working within the team to bring her passion of loving Jesus and HR together, to help support the development of new CWGs in organisations across Bristol.  Amen!
Wonderfully Bernadette is surrounded by a committed team, Colette from Upper Reaches, Roger from Churches together and Paul leading a CWG and of course our wonderful Emma who leads a hospital CWG and organised the initial workshop in October.
If you work in Bristol and feel alone as a Christian in your workplace – get in touch! If you already have a Christian Group in your organisation – get in touch! If you already know a few Christians at work and want to start a Christian Workplace Group… guess what, get in touch with Bernadette! She would love to hear from you and support you. 
The next best opportunity to meet the Bristol team is on Saturday 27th February, 9:30-1pm, for a workplace conference at the Woodlands Church, BS8 2AA. Bernadette and I will be running a workshop on growing effective workplace groups. Come and find out more - it would be wonderful to meet you there!