The London Christian Police Family

Chris Heflin-ScottAn Interview with Chris Heflin-Scott

Inspector Chris Heflin-Scott works for the Metropolitan Police in East London leading a team of around 70 uniformed officers and detectives. He also leads the London Christian Police Family, one of our Christian Professional and Sector Groups. Here he tells us about the the challenges Christian officers face, and what the LCPF are doing to ensure that Christianity flourishes in the police service in London.
As police officers in our capital city we find ourselves doing some incredible things on a daily basis. We deal with the most dangerous of people, and the most dangerous of incidents, and as the recent murder of a Merseyside officer shows - we put ourselves in harm's way to protect everyone else. 

The demands of the job can naturally create an environment where individual and team strength and resilience is praised, but this can make it harder for Christians in the police service to be open about our faith, as some hold a perception that praying, reading the Bible or talking gently about the faith is a sign of weakness. Some Christian officers are more comfortable keeping their faith under wraps so they ‘fit in’ and don’t really share with others what it means to be a Christian, some may even leave Jesus at the door of the police station.
We exist to change this. We seek to encourage and support Christians in the service, and to enable them to be bold about their faith at work. We seek to demonstrate to others that Christian officers are not somehow weaker than the others, or less likely to hold that thin blue line when violence is all around us, but that we are stronger – being able to tap into the deep well of strength and wisdom that only God provides.

We support Christians in the service to be the very best that they can be. As a result, perceptions of Christian officers are changing for the better.

As our fellowship groups expand, more people are asking the important questions, and more senior officers - who previously have been wary of active involvement, are coming forward and attaching their Christian colours to the mast. This is very exciting, and, of course, provides greater ‘top cover’ for the younger less confident Christians amongst us.
The last year has, in many ways, been an incredible year of growth for us. Our team of Ambassadors who represent us across London has grown significantly. There’s growing interest in our email circulation list. We’ve also had a big push forward with the launch of our health and support services to help officers and their families who are struggling.

Our association is, through the grace of God, making a difference to officers' lives. People are noticing that this Christian association is different to their expectations, that we’re committed to others, remaining expectant and hopeful even through difficult times, and, of vital importance - we're not at all weak! We call it being the Salt and Light.
We still have much work to do, the Christian faith is not yet a central part of the police service, many officers are yet to hear the truth of the gospel, and as the police service changes at a pace never seen before, we to have to constantly refine and change how we operate to continue to be best placed to reach out and share the gospel with as many officers as possible. So while we are getting very excited about what God has planned for us, we still could do with assistance from our Christian brothers and sisters in other professions to help us continue moving forward. So I hope that as you read this you might feel inspired to give us a very powerful helping hand.
If you can spare a few minutes of your time to help, please pray – pray for revival in the police service and everywhere across the country. No prayers are too big for God.
If you have a bit longer and can spare 30 minutes – sign up for a prayer slot at our virtual 24-7 prayer event that is underway now - You’ll receive a prayer guide by email to help guide your prayers.
If you are free (or can make yourselves free) please come to our celebration on the 16th October at 6pm in central London. Tickets are free and can be booked via our website  Come along and meet some of the Christian bobbies who protect London, and help us raise the roof with praise.
You can learn more about us, sign up for the prayer slot, and reserve a free ticket for our Celebration at our website
Remember, we exist to ensure that Christianity is alive and kicking in the police service of our capital city. We are your police service, dedicated to your protection and well being. If you share our vision of Christian morality and ethics being at the heart of policing in this country, please do consider supporting us by getting involved as above. 

Watch this video trailer of last year's celebration.

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Cavan Paul Mulvihill (Guest) 24/04/2018 16:04
Come O Holy Ghost Creator come and bless and sanctify and strengthen the faith of all accounts who are Christians so that they cannot err in faith or in their book keeping.
Cavan Paul Mulvihill (Guest) 24/04/2018 19:12
Bring out into the open all those who are telling lies to and about You and Your Churches and Your peoples O Holy Trinity one God we pray and greatly humble them all.
Cavan Paul Mulvihill (Guest) 24/04/2018 19:17
Help it become everywhere clear O Holy Trinity one God we pray which principle individuals and which of the groups in our society engage in continuing lying while under oath in the Courts for Your own Name's sake and for the edification of the Church and for the good of all mankind.
Cavan Paul Mulvihill (Guest) 24/04/2018 20:54
O God the Holy Ghost greatly humble all those who mock God the Father, God the Son and You.
Cavan Paul Mulvihill (Guest) 24/04/2018 22:32
We thank You Lord God that You are faithful to Your promises and true to Your word and that often You come to the helps of Your Churches and Your peoples before we ask, help us then know how best to honour You in the way we go about our everyday lives.
Cavan Paul Mulvihill (Guest) 25/04/2018 10:27
Bless us O God and teach the art of slowing down until we hear Your voice of instruction telling us which way to go.
Cavan Paul Mulvihill (Guest) 25/04/2018 14:05
Come O Holy Ghost Creator come and pour forth Your blessings upon all altar breads and altar wines and all the places where they are made.
Cavan Paul Mulvihill (Guest) 25/04/2018 19:00
Grant us peace and stability O God and protection from Your enemies.
Cavan Paul Mulvihill (Guest) 25/04/2018 20:26
Greatly humble O God all who lie to and about You and Your Churches and Your peoples.
Cavan Paul Mulvihill (Guest) 25/04/2018 22:11
Bless and help O God all Christians who go into areas where there are bad morals and send Your holy angels to guard them against all the assaults of devils.
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