TWUK at Momentum 2015 



TWUK headed back to Momentum again … but this time with super volunteer Natalie… who had a hatrick of firsts! It was her first time at Momentum, first time working on the Transform Work UK stand and first time camping!!! Oops - did I forget to mention it was camping, Natalie….? Sorry about that! Now that’s one way to get volunteers!   

So with the usual wellies, warm woollies and, errr ‘wings’… we manned the TWUK stand with sweets and smiles. It was our first time using our new exhibition banners, and the title ‘Starting Work?’ caught the attention of a lot of recent graduates who came to chat with us to find out more. We were able to connect some of them straight into the Christian Group at the organisation in which they were going to work. We were able to give information to many others about the relevant Christian Professional or Sector Group for support and encouragement as they start out in their careers. 

I loved chatting with people who wanted to make a difference and do more for the Lord at work, by working hard to honour Him, but also by finding other Christians in their workplaces and starting a Christian Workplace Group.  Such groups can ultimately engage with management and bring Christian values and benefits to the whole organisation. It’s a journey, one step at a time, and we’re looking forward to walking alongside these people, supporting them through this process and meeting up again next year to share the good news of what God has done in and through them!
We had great fun as you can see from the pictures! We’d like to say a big “thank you” to all those who stopped to come and chat. It was also great to meet up with a few faces from last year and with three Christian Professional & Sector Groups (CPSGs) that were also exhibiting - Emily from Christians in Science, Mark from Christians in Politics and Nathan from the Naval Christian Fellowship. Other CPSGs were represented at the TWUK stand within our PowerPoint display and with their leaflets in our carousel for people to come and help themselves.  
We managed to complete 109 questionnaires – look out for the results in the next eNews…

Ros Turner