How to Find Other Christians in Your Workplace 

One question we are asked frequently is how should a believer who would like to start a Christian Workplace Group, but who doesn't know of other Christians at their workplace, actually find other Christians working near them?

Below we include a few ideas which will help. The biggest and most important is the first! Always pray, and then follow God's leading. Note that for some of these suggestions, the agreement of your local line manager/HR may be needed.

  • pray that God will bring other Christians across your path
  • if you get a feeling that someone among your routine acquaintances may be a Christian, don’t be afraid to ask them openly
  • put up a notice saying you are thinking of starting a lunchtime group for Christians, and that anyone interested should contact you 
  • put a notice on an appropriate company intranet website seeking interest to start a group
  • leave a few ‘signs’ around - eg coffee mug with Christian slogan, Bible on your desk, Christian poster near where you work, etc, and see if anyone shows interest
  • ask HR if they know of any other Christians who have said that they would like to meet
  • approach the Equality & Diversity officer (if you have one) and ask the same
  • if there is a chaplain operating at your workplace, ask if he/she knows others who might like to meet
  • get some other Christian friends from your church to help you organise something - eg a course, a talk – to which you could invite people and where you might make contacts
  • contact TWUK and ask if we are aware of any Christians at your workplace
  • if your church is near your workplace, ask at your church if anyone works in the same location 


Trevor Payne, 03/09/2015