TWUK at Christian Vision for Men Event 'The Gathering' June 2015 

Hugh Webber, TWUK's south-west ambassador, attended 'The Gathering' in June 2015. He was accompanied by Tim Rosier from the prison ministry Reflex. Hugh and Tim set up the TWUK stand in the Mess Tent to meet others and draw peoples' attention to workplace issues. They also hosted a networking lunch on the Saturday. Here's Hugh's report on how it went:

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"When we arrived at the event we set up our stall next to the tea and coffee stand in hope of meeting lots of visitors to the festival. I think our plan worked as we got to talk to about 30 people whilst they were waiting in the queue. There was a range of people; some were lone workers, others were retirees but many were in workplaces.

Most of the people we met were very surprised when we told them of the possibilities of setting up a Christian Workplace Group (CWG)! We were able to tell them of the many groups that TWUK works with and how they have been active at their workplaces, and how many have been able to share the gospel. We were able to hand out leaflets telling them how they can get in touch with other Christians in their workplaces. Many were inspired and some went away intending to start a CWG.

A man from Christians in Motorsport came up to talk to us and tell us that our new booklet on making the case for recognition of a CWG through diversity was well written.

We had a very productive time on the Saturday. Some of the people we met had great stories to tell. One was from someone we had met a year earlier who had since moved companies to work at Experian and had started a group there.
Eight people came to the networking lunch. We were joined by Matt Wheeldon from Wessex Water CWG, and together we told some stories about struggles you might face being a boss as a Christian, for example in promoting the Christian workplace group without making your employees feel as if it was being imposed upon them.

We had quite a few enquiries about the healthcare sector which I have passed on to TWUK's healthcare ambassador.
Tim and I got on like a house on fire and were able to fill in any gaps during our conversations! It was incredibly busy on Saturday evening and we didn’t finish until midnight. We thought Saturday was busy but, boy, were we in shock on Sunday morning as it was so much busier because of all the people that had wanted to talk to us on Saturday but had left it to the last minute were queuing to speak to us!
We encouraged lots of people to start a CWG, giving them leaflets telling them how to go about this, and getting their contact details so that we can support them as they move forward. Some just randomly picked up leaflets but we did try and make sure everyone got one fitting their needs.
All in all we had such an amazing time! It was great to meet so many people and talk about the possibilities of living for God at the workplace!"