Alpha Qu MarkA Successful Alpha Course in Havering Borough Council! 

We received the following report recently from the leader of the CWG in Havering Borough Council, east London:

At Havering Borough Council we were blessed to have held an Alpha course last year from May to July. We regularly had 9 people coming, and this resulted in 3 people making decisions to follow Christ! The participants wanted to carry on with similar meetings so we have carried on with follow-up meetings every other week (alternating with our 'standard' fellowship meeting). Amazing!

Today one of the ladies who came on the course said she had made a commitment recently. Praise God! Thank God for the blessing the Alpha course has been. Please pray for the others who keep coming but haven't yet made a commitment.

Our regular fellowship meetings continue to be really powerful. Pray for continued strength, unity and growth.  

Ros Loaker 12/06/2015 11:20
Amen! I remember Billy Graham saying that he believed the next move of God would be in the workplace and it's starting to happen...! Come On #exciting!