20150418153836TWUK Prayer Day 18th April 2015 - Feedback and Words Received

The following summary aims to capture the messages the Lord was giving to us through the day.


A vigorous flow of prayerful contributions continued through the day. A number of guests, including from the London School of Prophecy, provided notes of what they recalled. This summary draws from their notes only and does not add any reflections from the writer or members of the TWUK Board. It will not therefore be by any means complete but hopefully it will serve as an indicator of the general tone and content of the thinking of our guests through the day and in particular, the Lord’s thoughts towards us at that point. To that extent the messages recorded here – unavoidably rather cryptic in places – should be treated with esteem and careful consideration.


Our guests enjoyed the prayer day and a sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit and felt it an excellent use of time and resources. A financial surplus resulted on the day from gifts. The balance of time use on the day was welcomed, in particular assuring significant time to pray and keeping to the timetable.

The TWUK general stance and style as indicated in the introductory presentation by the TWUK chair was affirmed and found comforting, notably the commitment to excellence, sustaining a measured pace, walking but faith not sight, and an appreciation that CWGs are wanted in the workplaces of the nation.

The overall message from the day was that Christian Groups in the Workplace (CWGs) are a lasting work to be unlocked by steadfast, faithful commitment over the years. The work of TWUK has widespread ramifications across the nation and beyond.


Encouragement for CWGs/CPGs

CWGs/CPGs may feel they are small, but God sees them as David – heart fixed on Him, humbly obedient, taking on giants. They are Jesus to those around them, the aroma of Christ, bringing the blessing of God with them.

CWGs were encouraged to trust God to work out His purposes through them: Isaiah 55 v 9-11 and to view their workplaces positively, praying blessing and prosperity over them (Jeremiah 29 v 7).

Encouragement for TWUK

Our guests advised that TWUK is fundamental to the coming of the Kingdom in this country. No weapon formed against us will prosper. He will ‘build His church and the gates of hell will not prevail against us.’ TWUK is responsive to the heartbeat of God and its mission will bear amazing fruit that will last. Be encouraged that the devil hates what we are doing – no less than shaking the foundations of hell, leading to many being set free.

Be aware that God’s plan through you is to enable even the weakest and most faint hearted to shine in their workplace whatever its nature – from building sites to banks and from prisons to palaces.

It is God who arms us and keeps our way secure. It is He who makes us effective and competent, and He who sustains and protects us. He arms us with strength for the battle and adversaries will be humbled before us.


There were it seems no words of criticism for the way we are heading, nor any sense of stern warning, or even mild warning for that matter. At the same time, there was a flow of what may be words in which the Lord addresses us with a certain measure of challenge for our good.

We must not draw back but press forward, always expecting more however bleak the scene. To that end we must put on the whole armour of God and prepare to stand, stand, and stand again.

The TWUK Board is admonished to teach its members and groups to also walk by faith. Keep the long term vision in view and keep faithfully taking steps towards the goal. In some cases, perhaps for CWGs also, resources may not appear as hoped, so rethink how to operate with diminished human resources.

Miracles will happen and signs and wonders may be sought from the Lord provided there is first a willingness to appear foolish in the eyes of others (2 Kings 4 v 1-17). You may need to wade into the fast flowing Jordan before the miracle occurs! But then you will see the Lord Himself win the victory.

At all times, praise will be a strength, even when there is weariness, and as you wait on Him you will rise up with wings as eagles, (the rest of the verse by the way, says…) run and not be weary, walk and not faint.

Be alert that not every opportunity is to be taken, indeed a large and beautiful house will present itself to you but if it is lifeless, don’t waste time and energy with that house where there is no life.

Way forward

Our guests offered a number of suggestions or words for the future, from practical suggestions of annual or regional events, to the assurance that the Lord will both open and close doors for us. One key for us all is to discern when to do battle and when to simply stand and praise in the face of every obstacle.

Both as a team and as individuals, there should be central focus on the Word of God, and every team and team member and each ambassador should be covered with prayer to continue shaking the foundations of hell and setting captives free. Expect miracles for His glory! Recognise that opportunities will come from places we do not expect and we may be taken on routes we did not plan.


TWUK and its initiatives are from God. They will not fail. He will sustain us and guide and provide but in His own way and timing. If we remain faithful we may expect amazing fruit!