Transform Work UK Prayer Day - 18th April 2015 


On 18th April at Emmanuel Centre, London, Transform Work UK held its first ever Prayer Day.  It was a day focusing specifically on the work of TWUK and the health and encouragement of Christian Workplace Groups and their workplaces, throughout our nation - and what a day it was!

Around 30 people attended the day with representatives from the TWUK Board, TWUK Ambassadors and its Prayer Warrior team. Particularly encouraging was the presence of many representatives from a range of different Christian Workplace Groups, including the London Councils Christian Network and Christians in Government, also the presence of members of the London Prophetic Forum, was a real blessing.

The day was led inspirationally by Daniel and Pauline of DanPaul Ministries (, whose vision, vitality and commitment kept us focused throughout this Spirit-filled time together.

The morning began with worship. TWUK's chairman, Jeff Steady, then gave a brief message, which addressed seven 'distinctives' of TWUK. Read more here. There then followed ministry of the Word by Daniel, leading into a prayer session focusing on the work of TWUK and its team. People prayed for God’s guidance and direction, encouragement, boldness to go through doors which God has opened, and resources to fulfil God’s calling, in particular that new ambassadors and other volunteers might come forward to support this ministry. During this time, many prophetic words were received.

The afternoon session began again with worship, and this time with the ministry of the Word by Pauline. We then broke into smaller groups, praying specifically for issues of concern in the working lives of those present. This was a wonderfully uplifting experience. This was followed by a time of prayer for over 25 Christian Workplace Groups who had requested prayer around specific issues and challenges which they were facing in their respective workplaces. There was a real sense of oneness with those groups for whom we prayed, indeed for Christian Workplace Groups through the land.

It was a truly wonderful day which filled those present with a great sense of privilege that God has called us to this workplace ministry and a real sense of purpose to take this work forward. It was also a vivid reminder that all that we try to do needs to be firmly rooted in prayer.

A summary of feedback on the day, and of what we feel the Lord was saying to us at the event, can be found here

The ten key prayer points for the Prayer Day for us all to keep in our hearts and prayers:

  1. That Christians in employment would live for Jesus in their workplaces and work as if for Him (Col 3.23)
  2. That God would bring Christians together in Christian Workplace Groups (CWGs) which are a blessing to their workplace and Christian Professional Groups which are a Godly influence on their professions or sectors
  3. For the mighty and the miraculous to occur in CWG meetings and events
  4. For all leaders of CWGs
  5. That Christians would be freely able to speak about and live out their faith in the workplace and for the church as it encourages them to do so
  6. For the church in its role in building a desire among its members to live for Jesus in the workplace
  7. That God would lead and guide TWUK as it moves forward, and open the right doors for us
  8. That God would provide the resources, mainly staff and finance, to enable the work of TWUK to continue
  9. That each member of the TWUK team would be anointed in what they do for TWUK, and for protection for them
  10. For TWUK to worship God in all it does, and see increased effectiveness in ushering in God’s presence in the workplaces of the nation