Ealking 15 - 1Organising a Christianity Awareness Week 

Here are some general points to consider when putting on a Christianity Awareness Week:
  • Preparation: within your group, think about what it is you want to achieve, and pray about it!  
  • Contact Senior Management to discuss the practicalities: where could you hold the event (and surrounding events, such as talks, workshops, etc..), when's the most convenient time (lunchtimes?), what is it you are going to promote, how (stands, art exhibition, Bible exhibition, etc..?)
  • Make sure you delegate responsibilities around the group so one person doesn't get lumbered with all the work!
  • Think creatively about promotion (posters, intranet, e-mail, if allowed, postcards in restrooms, etc..)
  • Consider offering food (always a good attraction)
  • Make sure you get support from local churches and pastors, if only for prayer, but maybe encouraging them (where practically possible) to visit and be involved.
After the event, contact us to let us know how you got on, and to encourage other workplace groups to do the same!

Click here to see some resources that have been used during previous Christianity Awareness Weeks.

Organising a Christianity Awareness Week within Ealing Borough Council

Below is a more detailed guide on how to organise a Christianity Awareness Week, kindly provided by Ealing Borough Coucil CWG, who held awareness weeks in 2014 and 2015 

After much prayer to receive from God a specific strategy for our situation and the timing, we approached management and HR.
Our aims and objectives were clearly stated as:

  • The event will be exploratory and seek to answer the bigger questions of life. It will resource the Council by giving staff the opportunity to learn more about the Christian faith at an important and traditional landmark in the Christian calendar.   It will be inclusive and open to everyone.
  • It is also a great way to promote the different Christian groups in the Council in a positive way. 
  • This is in compliance with the Council’s diversity framework as we do not want to contravene the Code of Conduct of the Council. It is also in response to current legislation in which organisations are encouraged to allow the setting up of staff networks to promote diversity in the workplace, including faith groups.   

The programme for the week was as follows:

Monday Lunch time talk with Q&A
Tuesday Lunch time talk with Q&A
Wednesday Lunch time talk with Q&A
Thursday lunchtime information stand in staff cafeteria
Friday lunchtime information stand in staff cafeteria

Ealing 15 - 6
The target audience was:

  • Christians
  • the Curious
  • the Searching
  • Anybody
  • Everybody

The strategy:

  • We got all the Christian groups in the Council involved from the start so it was a joint venture, with a lot of contribution from all.
  • We invited speakers from different local churches and fellowships to give a brief talk on the meaning of Easter.
  • We booked venues in the Council building and the Town Hall, venues that were available and easy for staff to attend.
  • We made pre-arrangements for the technical and practical requirements for each day.
  • People and organisations donated literature such as good quality tracts, the gospels, DVDs, booklets etc. to give out.
  • For promotion, we printed posters which went around the building a week before the event, we used emails and a lot of word of mouth communication.
  • We offered lots of Easter chocolates and drinks etc.
  • We did a lot of praying… 

What was the result?

  • Each speaker gave an excellent talk
  • There were very informative and interactive discussions during the talks
  • Lots of good and relevant questions were asked by the guests
  • There was a lot of interest at the information stand in the public place
  • Most of the literature was taken, especially bibles. We were left with very little.
  • Some engaging discussions took place around the information stand
  • There was a lot of interest in the CWG with many names taken to be added to the weekly bulletin and invite that goes out for the meetings

Our prayer has been that that the seeds that were sown will take root and bring forth good lasting fruit.

‘…He uses us to spread the knowledge of Christ everywhere, like a sweet perfume …to those who are being saved; we are a life-giving perfume.’  2 Cor. 2:14-16.