Barclays bankBarclays Easter Event  - 'Jesus RISES'

The Barclays Christian Forum organised an Easter Event on the 1 April entitled ‘Jesus RISES’. The RISES concept having biblical meaning of Jesus re the resurrection and also mirrors the values at Barclays.
The thought provoking talk was led by Simon Edwards, a member of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics who provided some useful insight and a reminder to many of us about the real meaning of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and how it impacts the world today and what it means to us all. This was an engaging event where we were invited to think about the different propositions in history from those who have argued that the resurrection cannot be true for various reasons. At the same time we were introduced to the arguments which go against the resurrection we were able to understand that how the arguments are flawed and therefore have no basis.
The event included a Q&A session whereby attendees were able to express their understanding and raise some interesting questions around the topic. 

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