Emmanuel Mens ConferenceEmmanuel Baptist Church, Thamesmead, SE London - Men's Conference 2014

TWUK were invited to speak at the annual men’s conference of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Thamesmead, South-east London. The theme of the day was ‘Men at Home, in the Church, and at Work’.
Trevor Payne led 3 sessions, focussing on home, church and the workplace. He made opening remarks for each, challenging those present to think about the position and calling of men in God in each environment.
Home is a place of intimacy where man nurtures his relationship with God, and his wife and children, but also encourages his family to develop their Christian walk too.
In church, men are called to offer themselves for service in humility while growing in the corporate worship environment, and growing as men in God.
EBC 2014 Mens conference A5 leWork is given to us by God. At the workplace, men carry out their assigned work, and seek to be a positive influence for God. This is best done through a thriving Christian Workplace Group (CWG), which might start as a few Christians coming together to pray but could easily grow to be fully accepted by the company and a blessing to it and all who work there! The conference heard contrasting accounts from a man who had just experienced God’s calling to start a workplace group in a major London infrastructure organisation, and also from the leader of the large, thriving CWG in Brent Council.

The conference discussed a number of questions for each topic in groups, and answers were fed back for discussion. Trevor showed the recently produced TWUK video which encourages Christian to make themselves known at the workplace, to come together and pray and show God’s love to the company and to their colleagues.
The day included worship, and there was a chance for everyone to be prayed for at the end.
It was a really successful day, many caught the vision of living for Jesus in the workplace, and of linking up with others to be a positive influence in their company.
A survey completed by 16 respondents, gave the following results: 13 were in work, and 3 not. Eleven of those in work knew of other Christians in the workplace, 3 of the 11 were already in CWGs and 5 would like to be involved in or start one! TWUK will be working alongside these men as they take the first steps to starting a CWG in their workplace.