Christian Vision for Men - 'The Gathering' - 20-22 June 2014


This was the third time I had attended the CVM Gathering, but the first time representing Transform Work UK. Dave Law and I got the stand ready amid the gentle chaos of last minute setting up of the 'mess tent'. Each year the CVM Gathering has been expanding, and this year 1500 blokes attended, and judging by the early bookings for 2015 this is likely to continue.

So what is it about this event that attracts men? Could it be the penalty shoot out before each of the main worship and speakers? Perhaps it's the vintage / latest cars parked up outside the two main tents. Honestly, I think it's the idea of over a thousand blokes singing their hearts out of their chests worshipping God, listening to some amazing and challenging testimonies, and seeing some of their unbelieving mates giving their lives to Christ.
The Transform Work UK stand was set up between Steve Legg's (Sorted magazine founding editor) stand, and GamServe (a charity set up to support gamblers from a Christian perspective). We went from moments of wondering where everyone was to having several people at the stand at once, keen to engage, talk and find out a little more about Transform Work UK and talk about their workplace experiences.

Their experiences ranged from being put in a position of having to stand up for their faith in an open office, to those with a simple one to one testimony. During the 3 days we discovered 4 new workplace groups, some other individuals sharing their faith in their unique workplaces, like McDonalds, and in cinemas. We met 23 new contacts who wanted to keep in touch with TWUK, and probably talked to over twice that many people.
It was also an opportunity to get a video interview with our contact at Christians in Motorsport, and share a burger with the guys from the Armed Forces Christian Union.
If you have not been before, I can recommend the weekend. See here for more details.
Hugh Webber, TWUK South West Ambassador.
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