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Latest articles

Expect a Miracle Every Day in the Workplace! 
Jesus' ministry was most certainly accompanied by miracles! We all need to see miracles in our Christian walk, not least in the ministry at the workplace! Jeff encourages us to be expectant for God to do many miracles in the workplace! (Author: )

Sandra Comes to Faith at the Tower Hamlets Christian Workplace Group 
The testimony of of a lady called Sandra, who recently came to faith through a Christian group in her workplace, Tower Hamlets Borough Council (Author: )

Easter at Tower Hamlets Borough Council 
An Easter display stand at Tower Hamlets Town Hall, Mulberry Place (Author: )

A Lesson in Love – A Lesson in Leadership
Jesus washing his disciples' feet demonstrates a Lesson in Love and a Lesson in Leadership (Author: )

Easter Events in London
Hannah, who leads a Christian group in a large company in London, tells us on video about Easter events that have been held in the company (Author: )

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