LCCN eventEvents

In this section, you will find details of events that are happening across the country that can help and inspire us to transform our workplaces, and live out our faith where we work. 

You can also find reports on past events.

Ealing CAW 20140411133830 Diary of Workplace Events  Our diary of events being held in, or near, places of work, organised mainly by Christian Workplace Groups.
Come and See Publicising your Event  Publicise your event on the list of workplace events on our website! Fill out a short form with details of the event and, after review,  we will arrange for publication.
TWUKU Logo 3x2 Upcoming TWUK Events  Details of forthcoming events arranged by Transform Work UK 
IMG2971 Reports from Past Events  Accounts of past events relevant to Christianity in  the workplace, arranged by TWUK or other Christian organisations 
Snip3 3x2 External Adverts  Advertisements from organisations external to TWUK not necessarilty connected with the workplace