The TWUK Blog

In this section we feature a range of blogs on issues facing Christians at work, and on the work of TWUK.

There are a variety of contributors - Jeff Steady, TWUK chair; Gill Robins, educationalist; Michael Coveney, TWUK Board member and former marketing director; and others.
TWUK Lead Ambassador Elizabeth Ukiomogbe reflects on our purpose in the workplace. We may wonder sometimes what the purpose of our work life is, but God has given us talents which He wants us to use to glorify Him
In the next of his series on building a successful Christian Workplace Group, Adrian Miles looks at prayer, which should be at the heart of all the group does
Jesus' ministry gives those in leadership positions in CWGs some clear principles to follow. Adrian Miles looks at what we can learn from the way Jesus inspired His disciples
Setting a succinct and clear vision for the group is vitally important when starting a CWG. This benefits both members and organisational management alike. Adrian looks further at this process.
The second in our series 'Christian Workplace Groups – Following in Jesus’ Footsteps'. Adrian Miles discusses the mixed background of individuals Jesus had in His group, and how this reflects what we often see in CWGs.
Ros encourages us from Mark 16:7 to be confident in the workplace as a Christian because He has gone before us!
Jesus recognised the need for the assistance of a group of followers to work with him. Christians at the workplace are more effective when joined in a group.
Has your CWG got anything planned for Easter? Easter is a great opportunity to celebrate Jesus' resurrection in your workplace. Point to Him and also promote your group. Here are some ideas.
TWUK has seen tremendous growth in the last year in the number of groups we are in touch with that are active at the workplace. Take a long look at what's going on, and be amazed at the possibilities! Could you catch the fire and catch the vision?
Christian Groups at the workplace offer so much for building the Kingdom. Jeff inspires us all in assessing the value of CWGs
From his experience as leader of a CWG which had a high impact, Jeff digs deeply into what CWGs are for, how they work, how they relate to other diversity groups, in short how to be Jesus' light in the workplace
It is said that the next great revival will be in the workplace! Jeff considers the potential for CWGs to have a massive influence worldwide
Drawing from Jeremiah's words to the exiles in Babylon, Jeff explains that Christian Workplace Groups exist to benefit the organisation
Do you seem to be a lone Christian at your workplace? If the organisation is of any size, it's likely you're not! Here are some tips on how to find other Christians where you work
God has a purpose for us. Are we following where He is leading us? Are we being intentional in actively seeking and following this path?
In whatever form it may come, work is God's design for us. Hence, our work is part of our lives and so, God's values must be lived out while carrying it out.