This section is full of resources that you are free to use to help start and build up a Christian Workplace group, things to do within your group, or as a church leader to equip your congregation. We also include material relevant to those who have recently been made redundant.
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Starting a CWG:  Notes on how to start a Christian Workplace Group.   Workplace Events:  Suggestions on running Christian events in the workplace.   Hot Topics:  Articles on a range of workplace issues that could clash with the Christian faith   Church Leaders:  Resources for Church leaders to help equip their congregation for the workplace.
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New to Work:  a series of articles aimed at those new to the world of work.   Unemployment:  Tips, hints and testimonies for those undemployed, facing redundancy or looking for a change in career.   Chris's Blog:  A down-to-earth comment on being a Christian and dealing with workplace issues.   Faith and Work:  Articles on the theology or work and how faith can play a role in the workplace