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All Christians can make a difference for God at the workplace, but we can make a much bigger impact if we're together in a Christian Workplace Group! Find or start one today!

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Transform Work UK encourages Christians to grow Christian Workplace Groups which seek to bring real benefits to their organisation and its staff

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CPG gathering Jan 15 Upcoming TWUK Events
Details of TWUK events coming soon designed to help group leaders grow their groups effectively
TWUKU Logo 3x2 The latest Transform Work UK eNewsletter
Our monthly round-up of all that's happening in TWUK amongst Christian groups at the workplace
Talkingonmobilephone Making Connections
If you're a Christian working in one of these areas get in touch, we'd like to connect you with others!
praying hands 3x2 Prayer Support
If you have a difficult situation to do with work that you would like us to pray about, please let us know

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The new TWUK promotional video explaining our vision for making God known in the workplace
Business case
Gaining Formal Recognition as a Staff Network for your Group Our new guide on developing a business case for formal recognition of a Christian Workplace Group as a staff network. Lots of helpful tips and guidance on how to take this important step
TWUKU Logo 3x2 What Does TWUK Do?  Why does Transform Work UK exist, what do we do, what are we passionate about, what is our main focus, what is unique about us? Find out here.
Ealking 15 - 1 Ideas for Groups Wondering what to do in your group meetings? Our resources page for groups has lots of ideas and helpful suggestions about what your group can do, how to improve its organisation.
Ros at Premier TWUK on Premier Christian Radio Listen to Ros being interviewed by Andy Peck, describing so vividly TWUK's vision for transforming workplaces and telling of what God is doing in companies and organisations across the country
Funding leaflet 3x2 Download our New Leaflet This new promotional leaflet describes who we are, what we do and explains how you can help us, by joining the team or making a donation to support the work we do. Contact us for printed copies.
Donate Now Donate On-line to TWUK  Now you can donate to the work of TWUK on-line, via our new link, which enables you to make a one-off donation or set up a standing order, using gift aid, on-line from your desktop or mobile!