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Here's how one Christian Workplace Group shared their faith at work this Easter!

Transform Work UK encourages Christians to grow Christian Workplace Groups which seek to bring real benefits to their organisation and its staff

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How easy do you find it to share your faith at work?
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Transform Work UK is passionate about bringing Jesus' life and light to the workplace!  Check out our new homepage, featuring more links to current news items, and take part in our poll asking how difficult you find it to share your faith in your workplace!
Christ in Arch  Her homepage 3 Association of Christians in Archeology and Heritage
A new Christian professional group is just starting - find out more!
IMG2991 Christians in Government Easter Service
The CIG UK Easter service was a wonderful celebration of what Jesus for us all at the first Easter
London buildings 3x2 Easter Events at a Major London Company
A workplace group leader describes Easter events held at her London company

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A helpful guide on what you need to do to start a group
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Our monthly summary of all that's happening in TWUK and amongst Christian groups at the workplace
TTFD Thought for the Day
A devotional to inspire us at the start of another busy day at work
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Help Transform Work UK continue the vital work of supporting Christians in the workplace
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If you have a difficult situation to do with work that you would like us to pray about, please let us know