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Transform Work UK encourages Christians to grow Christian Workplace Groups which seek to bring real benefits to their organisation and its staff

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start 3x2 Starting a Christian Workplace Group?
A helpful guide on what you need to do to start a group
TWUKU Logo 3x2 The latest Transform Work UK eNewsletter
Our monthly round-up of all that's happening in TWUK amongst Christian groups at the workplace
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Other Christian events coming up near you which may be of interest
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If you have a difficult situation to do with work that you would like us to pray about, please let us know

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Ideas for Groups Wondering what to do in your group meetings next year? Our new resources page for groups has lots of ideas and helpful suggestions about what your group can do, how to improve its organisation, and some ideas for Easter
God is interested in my work and will answer my prayers at the workplace. Do you agree?
Christmas: News from the Workplace! Christmas is a great time for Christians in Workplace Groups to celebrate with their colleagues the coming of Jesus into the world! Read early accounts coming in of what groups have been doing this Christmas!
Talkingonmobilephone Making Connections: Are you a Christian working in....  We have been contacted by Christians at work who are looking for others in their company or area. Could that be you?
TWUKU Logo 3x2 What Does TWUK Do?  Ever wondered why Transform Work UK exists, what we do, what we are passionate about, what our main focus is, what is unique about us? Find out here.
Korean War memorial Call of Duty Inspired by the Korean War Memorial in Washington DC, Michael reminds us in his latest blog that we are in a spiritual battle, encouraging us to reach out to others at work with the love of Jesus
Donate Now Donate On-line to TWUK  Now you can donate to the work of TWUK on-line, via our new link, which enables you to make a one-off donation or set up a standing order, using gift aid, on-line from your desktop or mobile!
all-free-downloadcom15372628 Blog series by Gill Robins on Nehemiah  Read our blog series by Gill Robins, looking at lessons that we, in our workplace groups, can learn from Nehemiah's experiences as he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem despite opposition